We are Champions! Grow wins awards at Third Sector Excellency!

Grow is thrilled to announce winning ‘Volunteer Manager of the Year,’ and being highly commended in two other categories, ‘Volunteer of the Year’ and ‘Small Charity Big Impact’ in the Third Sector Excellency Awards London.

Grow was honoured to be selected for its volunteer management over much larger charities including Air Ambulance, and Age UK; demonstrating that you don’t need large budgets to take care  and thank your volunteers.

Mark Neild, Claire Jenkins and Jeremy Roebuck

Mark Neild, Claire Jenkins and Jeremy Roebuck

As a Charity that is focused on operations and outcomes it is a difficult decision to invest time in writing applications when those hours could be spent elsewhere. Fortunately Grow has a great group of writers who were only too keen to get involved, and what a great job they did! Three categories and achieved in each one!

CEO Claire Jenkins says “I was immensely happy and proud to receive this award on behalf of my volunteers and operations team. We work hard to look after our volunteers across 65 countries! When I first started at Grow Movement I bought a book on how to run a charity, as this is what we do in my family when we have a knowledge gap, …straight to Waterstones! The second chapter was on Donor Management. ‘Always look after your donors!’ I thought, easy, I only have 3. I then turned the page to read ‘Most charities forget that their biggest donor is their volunteers, so make sure you look after them’. I have never forgotten this and remember always that I could not achieve our impact without the dedication of our volunteers and my operations staff that look after them’.

“Going forwards we want to have our volunteering experience and impact recognised and awarded within the business community. We have more applications coming out, watch this space!

Friday, 2 October 2015

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