#Ugandan diaspora in #Uganda

Jana Nyanzi, a new #Uganda600 VC and Business consultant for Atos Consulting in London visited Kampala and the #Uganda600 training for the new Grow client managers.

“…I had the great opportunity of meeting some of the Grow team, clients, and managers whilst in Uganda earlier this month. The enthusiasm and passion behind the #Uganda600 project was absolutely phenomenal. I spent a day with Mohammed (one of the country managers) during my client visits to George (Ground nut and fish maker) and Marion (Mobile phone kiosk owner). One of the key challenges Marion was facing was buying her products in Uganda at a very expensive cost. Her current VC is working with her to find a suitable solution on how she can procure some of her goods such as mobile phones, laptops directly from the suppliers where she will have greater bargaining power. Both George and Marion were intrigued at how helpful their consultants were which had been a very different experience to when they had tried to seek business help locally. They were both amazed at how quickly they could implement new ideas and have an impact”

“If you see Sean, please thank him for me, he has completely changed my life, my business and my way of understanding how to do things.” George

“…Being Ugandan and going back to my mother country to assist some of the business owners really is fulfilling and allows me to face new challenges as a consultant that I don’t necessarily come across in the United Kingdom. I also had the opportunity to attend day one of the training with Chrissy and Janine (London Business School research managers) with some of the Grow Movement team who seemed really keen to work with Consultants all around the world. I look forward to working with such an amazing team!”

Thank you Jana from the Grow Movement team for taking time from your holiday to visit #Uganda600 preparations.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

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