#Uganda600 in Dubai

Grow Movement London travelled to Dubai this month to meet with Dr Benish Chaudhry the Middle East Community Manager and Assistant Professor at the University of Modern Sciences.

Over the last year Dubai has become increasingly important as a source of talented multicultural business professionals for Grow Movement. Driven by Dr Benish with the support of London Business School Professor, Naufel Vilcassim, the team has expanded from 5 to over 35 volunteers coming from Spain, Australia, Pakistan and Lebanon.

Majid Hassan & Hadi Hazim with Grow CEO

For #Uganda600 Dr Benish is being supported with interviewing help from the existing VC network of Maham Aziz (Malawi VC), Glenn Harwood (Uganda VC), and Jorge Castellote (Uganda VC). Together they are working to expand the network of business professionals supporting others across Africa with Majid Hassan, President of the Gulf States LBS Alumni Association and other LBS Alumni.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

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