Shortlisted for 3 Third Sector Excellence Awards

Recently Grow was asked, ‘What you do is amazing, what awards have you won?’ Simple answer is none, we have never spent the time on applications feeling that management time was better spent elsewhere. During our recruitment for #Uganda600 Grow spoke to many different companies and often we heard ‘What you do is amazing, why have we not heard about you before?’

Grow decided it was time to start winning some awards so we can show case our incredible clients and volunteers making an immense impact around the world. Grow is thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for 3 awards with Third Sector Excellence Awards.

Volunteer of the Year (Jeremy Roebuck)
Volunteer Manager of the Year (Claire Jenkins:
Small Charity, Big Impact

A big thank you goes to those volunteers who help redraft our applications, and of course to our clients, operations teams in country, our volunteers and our Board of Trustees. We are able to have this impact because of you!

Results to be announced on September 26th. Watch this space!

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