Scottish Minister in Malawi


Grow Movement Malawi is supported by Scottish Government funding. Imagine Team Malawi’s excitement to meet Humza Yousaf last week. Here Sophie Kumwanje Grow’s Country Manager for Malawi talks about her experience.

The Scottish Minister for International Development and External Affairs Humza Yousaf arrived in Malawi on 19th October 2015.  I had an opportunity of meeting him at the luncheon that was organized by the Malawi Scotland partnership in his honour on the 20th of October 2015. During my networking over lunch, Humza said he is in Malawi to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

The following are the questions he asked about Grow Movement:-

  • The impact of Remote mentoring on the entrepreneurs and;
  • Challenges that the entrepreneurs are facing

He was very happy to hear that since 2013 February the following:-


–                      152 completed projects
–                      Conducted impact assessment on 126 projects
–                      158 jobs were created so far
–                      6,920 lives affected


–                      Communication and Language barriers,

I indicated that the coming in of Scottish funding will mitigate these challenges because of laptops that will be located to some communities to be used by the entrepreneurs and the introduction of non-speaking English sessions through a translator.

He commended what Grow Movement is doing here in Malawi and was very pleased with our expansion to Mzuzu.  He also added that what Grow Movement is doing is not only improving people’s lives but also improving the whole country of Malawi.

Humza also commended Claire Jenkins from London and Jerome Roebuck from Scotland for their hard work in securing the funding for Grow Movement Malawi’s expansion in Mzuzu. I had a very good experience and I enjoyed interacting with him.  I had seen that Humza is a very good listener, very positive and encouraging. Both Humza and Michael Nevin, Malawi British High Commissioner told me that they follow our activities on twitter everyday!!!

16th May 2018

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