New lap tops enable the gift of business learning in Ntcheu, Malawi

A challenge faced by the Grow Movement Team in Malawi is ensuring access to the internet for our clients. In areas where we do not have Grow offices our entrepreneurs were struggling to complete their sessions effectively with their consultants. This was made worse by the closing of one of the two internet cafes in Ntcheu, Malawi.

A group of clients approached our Malawi team during our last quarterly meeting in Lilongwe to explain the problem. They asked for a lap top which they would manage for Grow business owners in the area to enable them to complete their sessions with their consultant. Through the very kind donation of two lap tops from Andrea Frino, a consultant from Cass Business School, UK we were able to supply a lap top and ensure our entrepreneurs success.

Both Willie Byson and Sophie Kumwanje spent last Friday afternoon with our client team in Ntcheu teaching Skype and email skills. Magic can happen when you combine the power of driven clients, a great Grow team and dedicated consultants.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

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