Grow Movement on TVCnews

Grow Movement had its first TV appearance last week on TVCnews, a Pan African TV channel. Given less than 24 hours’ notice to organise our CEO, London based volunteers with African Heritage to talk with their clients via Skype and to prepare a team meeting! TV report Joyce Ohajah interviewed the Grow team… our CEO even had to tidy up her desk!

Claire Jenkins

Alvi Kuti being interviewed

Takudzwa Kufa, a British Zimbabwean was filmed talking with his first client, Jean Claude Ntakirutima in Rwanda who runs a waste recycling business; Kigali Sanitation. They first worked together over a year ago so it was great for them to catch up! Jean Claude has continued with Grow Movement and is now working on a computer recycling proposition.

Alvin Kuti, spoke about his experience working with Malawi and
now Ugandan entrepreneurs and why he chooses to volunteer with Grow Movement.

Click here to hear what the Grow team had to say!

Friday, 11 September 2015

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