Eric Visits Uganda and the new #Uganda600 client managers!

2015 continues to be a very exciting year for Grow movement. Grow movement staff members, volunteers as well as researchers have been pulling resources together to make sure #UGANDA 600 Project becomes a success. Indeed, this is all we need to prove that there is a cost effective way to help fight against unemployment by simply bridging business skills gap. For new Client managers, the three months’’ standard settle in Period’’ is not granted. Training is the only learning time they have,

Why I flew to Uganda to join the training sessions
Over the last two weeks, I joined my colleagues, Judith and Mohammed in Kampala to take part in the Clients Managers training program.
As existing staff members, our role was to share our experience. We have been there before, we know what it takes. The training material was well designed, dominated by role plays and possible scenarios. We were in the training room as facilitators. Training sessions were more Participatory, many questions were raised particularly during Client management, Volunteers management sessions. Here are some forms of questions which came up more frequently-How have you been handling this situation?-What would you do in this situation?-Have you had a similar case before?-What is the usual Grow way of addressing this particular issue?

Client Managers role
I know you are all used to Country Managers; Client Managers were hired to do more less the same Job as the Country Managers do. However, Client Managers’ Job is slightly different. For example, Client recruitment, interviews and impact assessment are not part of the Agenda for them until after December.
This group of ten Client Managers, coming early July, will be matched with 60 clients each .They will be tasked to Manage those projects and make sure twelve sessions are successfully delivered between July and December. Whether it requires going out at clients’ premises with a laptop and a dongle to facilitate a session, making a phone call to remind a client of the next session date, send a quick email on behalf of a client who hasn’t completed an assignment yet or is in a remote area with limited network access, they are going to be on top of the game in order to be able to complete sessions on time and avoid drop outs. The Good news is Grow movement is a family, as existing staff members; we will be there to help them be successful in very possible ways.

My impression of new Client Managers
I was very impressed with Client Managers’ enthusiasm. They are all talented, young people; seem to be picking up things with ease. In addition to that they have previous work experience ranging from sales, research project management, customer service and operations. For any project to be successful you don’t only need people, you need right people. With these energetic Client managers, I have no doubt that by December, projects will be successfully completed.

Congratulations to all new Client Managers-We wish them all the best in the new role!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

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