Denyse in Rwanda is an Outstanding Emerging Leader!

Grow Movement HQ is very proud to announce that Denyse Uwineza, Rwanda intern supporting Rwanda Manager, Eric Iyaremye has been award recognised as one of Africa’s Most Outstanding Emerging Women Leaders. She has been selected to be a MILEAD Fellow 2015 for her courage and commitment to lead and shape the future of Africa. Well done Denyse!

“I am passionate about promoting women and gender issues after observing that sometimes women and girls sometimes are marginalized by society, family and friends. This is why I have chosen to complete a Master of Arts and Social Sciences degree specializing in Gender and Development in the College of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Rwanda. I have attended several gender training sessions at the international level (women health empowerment intensive course and intermediate mentor training) and active in youth movements (Rwanda Youth Alliance for Climate Actions, gender for results network, International Youth Fellowship and Ignite the Youth Africa). Interning at Grow I have been passionate about supporting our female entrepreneurs and actively finding more for our programme.”

Denyse Uwineza

“This program means much to me, it gives an opportunity to young women to contribute to the improvement of the situation of women in Africa. It serves as a platform for Fellows to cross-examine concepts of leadership in a broad African context, cultivate the skills and experiences necessary to occupy and excel in leadership positions, and gain knowledge on cutting-edge issues critical to African women and their communities.”

Thursday, 25 June 2015

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