Tiwonge Chirambo

Tiwonge, 37

Tiwonge, 37


Tiwonge Chirambo, 37, is employed by Nellie Kalizang’oma, a Grow Movement client who was mentored by Yogita Floridia from India.


Business challenges and objectives of the project

After completing High School in 1998, Tiwonge got married in 1999 and has four children who are 16, 11 and twins who are 7 years old. The first born is doing her Junior Certificate while the last three are still at primary school.

When her husband passed away in 2011, Tiwonge realised that she has the responsibility of looking after the four children alone.

After some time the same year 2011, Tiwonge thought of starting a small business of selling sweets and biscuits at her house but it did not work. It was not possible for her to feed four children with sales realised from sweets. She searched for a job for nine months.

The Results

Fortunately, in 2012 Tiwonge was employed as a salesperson by Fishworld Fresh Foods, a company owned by Nellie Kalizang’oma. She sells fish, vegetables and eggs for the company from 7.30am to 5pm every day apart from Sunday. From that time, Tiwonge was able to fend for her family. With the salary she is getting, she is able to feed her four children, clothe them, pay for their school fees, uniform, exercise books, etc. She also buys necessities for her mother at home.

The Impact on Tiwonge

“It was painful and I used to cry everyday without knowing what to do. My neighbours were laughing at me that I will sell my house and go home because I would not manage to look after the children in town”

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