Squirrels Park Pottery and Landscaping

Emmanuel George, 27

Emmanuel George, 27


Having studied art at a tertiary level, Emmanuel was unsure of how to utilise his artistic skills to make a living. In 2014 he opened Squirrels Park Pottery and Landscaping, offering services such as interior painting and decorating, and the manufacture of decorative ceramic goods. Emmanuel’s customers include a range of local businesses and individuals.

Geoff Brown

Geoff Brown


Wanting to give something back after a fortunate working life, British national Vanuatu-based Geoff decided to join Grow Movement. Previously a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and The Institute of Energy, Geoff attended the University of Wolverhampton

Business challenges and objectives of the project

Prior to engaging in the Grow Movement programme, Emmanuel’s business was lacking a marketing strategy, accurate measures of profitability, and outlets. Difficulty in accessing loans was also an issue. Geoff and Emmanuel decided that to increase profits they needed to get the business more exposure to both the local and global markets.

Guided by Geoff’s suggestions, Emmanuel was able to implement various marketing strategies, and together the pair built a website. Emmanuel continues to explore new strategies to market the business and increase reach and profitability.

The Results

As a result of the actions taken by Emmanuel and Geoff, the business is able to support the employment of two more staff members. New contacts have been made that has increased confidence in his ability to run and grow his business effectively and after the Grow Movement programme the business has seen a 70% increase in profitability.

Emmanuel now actively works to market his business and is able to generate an income through the combination of his artistic skills and smart business practice.

The Impact on Emmanuel

“I am an artist. Before Grow Movement I didn’t know how to use my artistic skills to make a living. Instead of being employed I am now an employer. I have my freedom. Geoff advised me how to reach my customers and how to achieve my goals. The programme developed me and gave me courage.”

The Impact on Geoff

“Taking part in the Grow Movement programme meant I gained a real insight into how tough it is to start a business in Africa- even harder than elsewhere. I developed a strong business relationship with Emmanuel and we continue to work together. Emmanuel was and is full of enthusiasm and always a delight to talk to. He loves to create.”

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