Sata Technology

Barry Paseli, 27

Barry Paseli, 27


Having finished his advanced diploma in computer studies, Barry returned to his home town to find a distinct lack of basic computer skills among his neighbours. Despite having no capital and beset by a lack of confidence around him, Barry was determined to help others learn basic computer literacy to better improve their own careers. With only the support from his uncle and his own faith, Barry grew Sata Technology from one computer, one table and four chairs, crammed into a small garage. Over three years, his business has expanded to include seven computers, three employees, investors, and much larger visions for the future.

Ljubomir Trajkovski

Ljubomir Trajkovski


Ljubomir is a Management Consultant based in Macedonia with over 40 years experience working in business and consulting. Among his numerous qualifications (MSc, ICMCI, CMC, ISACA, CGEIT, CRISC), Ljubomir is a National Expert for supporting Entrepreneurs. Ljubomir joined Grow to provide support for new entrepreneurs in the fast moving IT sector, offering ‘out-of-the-box’ methodologies to help cross the cultural divide and develop Sata Technology.

Business challenges and objectives of the project

Barry’s major challenges centred around the difficulty of growing a large business from a small one. With the help of Ljubomir, he quickly learned the essentials in small business management – handling accounts, business plans, and drawing up proposals. From minimal resources and no capital, Sata Technology needed to grow – ‘from nothing to something.’ Despite not having money for phones, resources, or an internet connection when he started working with Grow, Barry faced his challenges head on, and aimed towards increasing his employee capacity, improving his management practices, and developing new business ideas.

The Results

Working with Ljubomir and with Grow Movement, Barry had access to the knowledge and resources he needed to move forward. People soon took note, and the popularity of his classes propelled the business onwards. Within just a couple of years, Sata Technology was legally registered, and Barry is now looking to expand even further, hoping to open three new branches in neighbouring regions. Ljubomir and Barry still keep in touch to check on the progress of the business and the implementation of the lessons learned.

The Impact on Barry

“I used to worry a lot seeing friends I’d gone to school with getting good jobs and good pay, but now I see that there are big lessons from what I’ve gone through. In five years, I’ll be in a different place than now. In life, you don’t have to compare yourself. All you need is to focus on your own goals and believe in yourself. I had a wonderful experience working with Grow – the materials that [Ljubomir] used to teach and mentor have really helped me improve. I can’t describe it!’.”

The Impact on Ljubomir

“It’s very nice to see the development of a person you’ve mentored. We are friends, we still have an open channel of communication. I am open, and always willing to support [Barry].”

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