Samson Alaton

Samson Alaton, 46

Samson Alaton, 46


Samson Alaton, 46, is a tailor at Joy Crafts and Tailoring shop. The business is owned by Nellie Chiphwanya who was a Grow Movement client mentored by Geoff Brown, a British consultant living in Portugal.

A family man of four children, Samson did not go to school. He was trained in tailoring by friends. Before this job, Samson was working somewhere for five years. His former employer together with the business moved to Lilongwe and Samson did not want to move with them as a result he remained jobless.

He stayed for five months without a job and it was tough for his family to move on with no earning. He was just relying on his wife who was selling charcoal which was also not enough for the whole family.

One day he heard a friend who told him about a certain business (Joy’s Craft) which was looking for a tailor. He visited the place and after being interviewed, he was employed in October 2015.

Now Samson is able to feed his family, pay school fees for the first three children, and buy them necessities like uniforms, exercise books, groceries, etc.


Business challenges and objectives of the project

“I am at peace now because I am able to provide for my family”

The Results

The Impact on Samson

“I am at peace now because I am able to provide for my family”

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