PANGO Limited Company

Joseph Ntakiyimana, 29

Joseph Ntakiyimana, 29


Joseph is a civil engineer motivated to develop and grow within his field of construction technology. He began his professional career by taking on different small construction jobs. After gaining experience in the field he decided to launch his own construction company, thus in 2011 PANGO Limited Company was founded. At the beginning the company took on the role of a sub-contractor within different projects, but business is growing and currently Joseph’s company is working on projects as a full independent contractor.

Wouter Verster, 58

Wouter Verster, 58


Working for some 30 years in the banking sector, and the last two years as an independent consultant in the Netherlands has built Wouter’s solid financial and business background. Over the years, his job has involved frequent traveling to Africa; as a result, he has grown to be very attached to this part of the world. His love for Africa has inspired him to become involved with Grow Movement and offer his knowledge and business knowhow through the program.

Business challenges and objectives of the project

Joseph was having trouble organising his business activities and defining the company profile. Together with Wouter, he worked on setting up a plan how to approach the market and provide structure to the business venture. Wouter helped identify ways of growing Joseph’s business by defining the market group, implementing analysis of stakeholders and defining how different stakeholders can contribute to the business. He strongly encouraged Joseph to ‘think outside the box’.

The Results

After the program, Joseph says that, following Wouter’s advice, his career and his business are much more organised. Now, there is a clear definition to the venture’s operations and a comprehensive strategic plan of action. Currently, Joseph has seven full time workers, and 25 part time employees. He has bought three big compressors to help him conduct some of his company’s operations better and faster. Additionally, in May 2015 Joseph has established cooperation with a big international construction company – Suma International Construction. The two companies will be cooperating for the construction of the Kigali Convention Center, which is expected to bring great reform and draw many new investments to Rwanda.

The Impact on Joseph

“Before I used to be very disorganised and disoriented, after working with Mr Wouter everything changed. Everything I have today is because I have Grow Movement and I am happy with the result and the improvements. When I started I was at zero, today I am in the middle and this makes me very happy.”

The Impact on Wouter

‘The experience has taught me a lot. I learned you need to build a personal relationship of trust. You must show respect, and I also learned that people in Africa are very modest. I want to uncover their talent and show them they have a talent. I want to put them in a mode of self confidence. One of the greatest rewards is the moment when you see the person on the other end of the screen smile and you see they got it and understand. That is the moment you say to yourself: ‘Yes, that is it!’”

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