Natural Uganda Ltd

Orator Njunwoha Twesiime

Orator Njunwoha Twesiime


Orator is an Agriprenuer (agricultural entrepreneur) and an advocate for all things organic. She is the founder and CEO of Natural Uganda Ltd. Orator saw the need of being economically empowered to improve livelihoods in rural communities, starting with her family, so set up her business in 2010. Natural Uganda Ltd adds value to rural smallholder organic farmers’ produce such as hibiscus flowers, bees’ raw products with products such as hibiscus tea, morie honey and cinnamon. These products are mainly supplied to supermarkets with also prospects to export. A mother of four, Orator plays an important role in her community, acting as a board member of the Women Investment Club, Audit Committee of Uganda Women Entrepreneur’s Association and many other roles.

Karin Stumpf, 49

Karin Stumpf, 49


Karin is a consultant by ‘profession and passion’ from Germany. She spent four years in Cameroon when she was a year old and since then has “always felt connected to the continent” and visits Africa frequently. Karin discovered Grow from a TED talk and was keen on its principles and effectiveness. Karin has three Masters’ degrees from several international institutions: MBA from the California State University of Hayward, Master’s in Organisational Psychology from the University of Hagen and Master’s in Natural Sciences from the Swiss Institute of Technology. She also has a PhD in Microeconomics from the University of Zurich.

Business challenges and objectives of the project

Orator is a full of brilliant ideas and was already a ‘very skilled entrepreneur on top of her bookkeeping’ when she was introduced to Karin. The main challenge for Karin was to help Orator to focus her energy on the topics where she would achieve the most. Another challenge was in organising funding for her to grow her honey business and to reduce her costs. For Orator, the main challenge was acquiring information of the where and how in Uganda relating to her business, branding, packaging and finding reliable suppliers. Karin helped Orator to focus, understand and have a global view of her business through a business plan.

The Results

With Karin’s help Orator was able to improve her production, profit and create jobs. Natural Uganda Ltd’s profits increased by 60% and six jobs were created initially. Karin advised Orator to make a priority list, which helped Orator to tackle any challenge coming her way. Orator managed to use social resources and capital around her as well as using her membership in the various organisations she is involved with.

The Impact on Orator

“Dr Karin opened my eyes and dreams beyond the horizons with renewed confidence to make it big. This I cannot pay back, but will pay it forward to thousands of very poor rural organic farmers that I MUST impact positively before I die. The legacy is to you Dr Karin. Thank you and God bless you.”

The Impact on Karin

“It was really rewarding working with Orator: she is full of energy. Always on top of things, she would work on her homework even when she was pregnant. She is a role model and working with role models is a blessing.”

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