Lucy Mtambalika

Lucy Mtambalika, 26

Lucy Mtambalika, 26


Lucy Mtambalika, 26, works for Golden La Manna. Golden La Manna is a restaurant owned by Jean Zammimba, a Grow Movement client who was mentored by Roopa Murphy, a Volunteer Consultant from the UK.

Lucy is married with one child. Her husband is a businessman. Previously, Lucy was working in a saloon. Lucy and her husband shared responsibilities of the house. Her responsibility was to pay school fees, buy uniform and other necessities of their child’s education. The rest was being done by the husband. Lucy is also the first born in her family therefore at times helps her sister when needs something from her.

A problem arose when the saloon in which Lucy was working started making losses. Sometimes, Lucy was not getting her salary and as a result could not fulfill her responsibilities at home. This affected her family because it meant that her husband was doing everything. This was the time when Lucy decided to start for searching a job.

In 2014, Lucy bumped into a friend who was already working for Golden La Manna. This was the time when Lucy learnt the restaurant was looking for a waiter. Lucy visited the restaurant and was interviewed by Jean Zammimba. After two days, she was called to start working in the restaurant as a waiter. She works full-time from Monday to Saturday from 8am–3pm.

Now Lucy is able to fulfill her responsibilities at home and the family is stable.


The Impact on Lucy

“Before this job, we used to quarrel with my husband whenever I fail to pay fees for our child, but now we are a happy family because I am meeting my obligation”

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