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Amos Mugisa, 41

Amos Mugisa, 41


A graduate with a degree in procurement and logistics and a diploma in catering and hotel management, Amos says he was born an entrepreneur. He always dreamt about running his own enterprise and is now living his dream. He started out at the age of nine, rearing chicken and goats and selling them for pocket money. “My parents could provide for most of my needs but I really enjoyed spending money that I had earned myself.”

Karin Stumpf, 48

Karin Stumpf, 48


Karin is a business consultant with over 15 years of consulting experience working on major multicultural projects for blue chip companies. She previously worked for two of the world’s biggest strategy consulting firms (McKinsey & Deloitte) before going on to set up her own firm. Karin had been interested in volunteering for a while but her busy schedule made it difficult. With Grow, she liked the fact that she could fit it around her work. She also loved that it allowed her to share her experience and give more than financial aid.

Business challenges and objectives of the project

Amos needed help with financial management and marketing. He especially had difficulty managing his cash flows given some of the contracts he supplied paid late while he paid his suppliers in cash. He was not keeping proper financial records and had trouble keeping his personal and business finances separate.

Karin worked with him to set up a spreadsheet to capture and analyse his financial data. They also worked on a marketing plan which was aimed at understanding and meeting the needs of his different customer segments.

The Results

Amos says getting his financial records sorted has impacted his business in numerous ways. He is now able to plan for each contract and sets goals to make sure he has cash to pay suppliers when he needs it. Learning this discipline has enabled him get lines of credit from some of his suppliers and build better relationships with them.

Amos has learnt to keep his personal finances separate and now pays himself a salary. He says this has given him much better insight on the actual performance of the business, enabling him to plan better.

While working on the marketing plan with Karin, Amos realised he had other skills such as banking that he was not fully utilising. He has as a result added new service lines to the business and has realised a 40% increase in profits. Since taking part in the programme, Amos has created nine more jobs for cooks, waiters and waitresses.

The Impact on Amos

“The Grow programme was a Godsend. I have learnt financial discipline. Previously I was not able to differentiate between my personal and the business’ finances. The biggest impact is that I am now able to plan better.”

The Impact on Karin

“I really enjoyed it. I ended up doing it for much longer than I had planned and taking on a second project. I was really inspired by the entrepreneurs I worked with. It is a time investment that is paid back a thousand fold in terms of fulfilment.”

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