Carol Kiwanuka Enterprises

Carol Kiwanuka, 26

Carol Kiwanuka, 26


Carol started out creating handmade jewellery and crafts as a hobby. She was surprised to discover that people liked what she made and this hobby ended up being what helped her pay her way through a Business Administration degree at university.

Encouraged by the success she had achieved from selling to her peers at university, she set up a shop in town selling textiles, bags and clothes which she designed herself. Even though she is only a budding entrepreneur herself, Carol is also already creating an impact in her community. She trained children from a local orphanage to make carpets out of recycled fabric. This has provided a means for them to make some money during the school holidays to help pay their school fees the following term.

Edson Maciel

Edson Maciel


Brazilian Edson is a business strategy and planning consultant with over 20 years of executive management and leadership experience at start-ups and large organizations across the world including in Brazil, USA and Canada. He joined Grow Movement driven by the desire to take part in helping bright, talented entrepreneurs get the right tools and support they need to succeed.

Business challenges and objectives of the project

Carol was looking to get a loan for her business and needed support with financial management. Edson’s approach was to start by getting a clear picture of the business by collecting data on the pricing and costs. He found that Carol was not keeping proper records and mixed up her personal and business accounts. A mistake he says is common with inexperienced entrepreneurs everywhere in the world.

The Results

Edson helped Carol set up a spreadsheet to track and analyse her finances. Finding that the numbers showed the business was not in good shape, Edson also focused to giving Carol tips to build the right habits and help her turn it around. They also worked on a business plan to help her apply for financing.

The Impact on Carol

“I learnt a lot from Edson. He is someone who has been there and done it so he had a lot to share. I’m now more confident I can achieve my dream of creating a line of clothes and soft furnishings.”

The Impact on Edson

“I grew personally and professionally. On a personal level, it’s a great feeling of satisfaction to be able to help someone even a little. On a professional level, trying to apply business concepts and solve challenges in a completely different context and culture is a useful skill for executives like myself. It was also a bit scary realising that I was dealing with the only thing that this person had to survive. I didn’t want to fail”

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