Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Dear all our clients, staff, volunteers, supporters,

Thank you for your support and for a great year! 2018 was a year of consolidation and small successes for Grow Movement to further prepare the foundations for the future.

Our Growth Pillars

We have a simple business model with three go-to-market routes:

  • Marketing – creates demand and awareness for our services;
  • Fundraising – satisfies demand by delivering funds;
  • Operations –delivers services and maintains quality excellence.

Of course, I know what you’re thinking: ‘It is not as simple as that…’ and indeed it isn’t: there is always healthy overlap between areas and we are still largely opportunistic in many ways. However, this model serves well to provide structure and focus to Grow Movement.

Highlights of 2018

  • Operations – are running smoothly and in 2018 you delivered approx. 250 projects and we held a number of entrepreneur and partner forums
  • Marketing – our new website launched and we have commenced a programme of scheduled calls with our VCs
  • Fundraising – we continue our focus on corporate partners; we renewed our relationship with BCG and commenced working with Linklaters
  • RCT – the first results from the Uganda600 Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) were published in the Stanford magazine
  • Grow Americas – we incorporated our US entity to facilitate further fundraising
  • Expansion – we have continual interest from other countries – in Africa, India – and closer at home in London; this interest is a testament to our capabilities.

Priorities for 2019

  • RCT – final results to be published
  • Fundraising – to enable our expansion goals, we need further sources of funding
  • Grow Americas – further develop the Grow Americas entity

I’m more confident of Grow’s success than I was a year ago. I believe we are more focused, more confident, working better and I believe as an organisation we are punching above our weight. Our reputation continues to grow.

To all our volunteers, entrepreneurs and supporters, thank you, and I look forward to another year of success.

Paul Gahir


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