Message from the Chairperson

Message from the Chairperson

Message from the Chairperson

An update from Paul Gahir:

It has been a year since I had the privilege and honour of being asked to lead Grow Movement. It has been a challenging but supremely rewarding journey. I count myself lucky to be in such great company.

The ambition for Grow is to be the ‘Partner of Choice’ – an organisation that tackles poverty alleviation through our inherent ability to work collectively as Volunteers Consultants and deploy them where they are most needed – helping Entrepreneurs to improve their livelihood and the lives of their families and communities. This way of working has become an intrinsic part of our culture.

Over the past year we have faced many challenges – organisationally, financially and in the field. I’m pleased to say that by working together, by listening to each other, by facing up to our strengths and weaknesses, we have overcome many obstacles. I believe we are now emerging far more resilient and with a leadership team that many would envy in terms of its breadth, depth and commitment.

We are uniquely placed with our proven operational and delivery infrastructure and partnership model.  As we move forward, we will leverage the Uganda600 Stanford University study (‘RCT’), due early 2018. The initial results already show great promise: the Grow method works; it delivers tangible, life-changing benefits.  This will be a key plank of our model – our unique ‘Gold Standard’.

To underpin our ambitions, we have adopted an organisation structure with three Growth Pillars:

  • Marketing – to create awareness and enlist support; to be the communications bridge
  • Fundraising – to win funds; to engage with governments, corporates and funding agencies
  • Operations – to deliver projects, to oversee VCs and clients; to work with partners.

Our promise. I have spoken to many Volunteers and Entrepreneurs; I have spoken to people in villages in need of help. The impact of Grow is, and has been, very meaningful and very heartfelt. There continues to be such a need and I believe we have an obligation to continue to help.

Going forward, I firmly believe Grow can play an increasingly vital role in a changing world. We must continue to build upon our proven reputation to deliver tangible benefits. We must continue to help people change and improve their lives. We must continue to deliver on that promise.

We have a challenging journey ahead of us. I welcome you on that journey. Working together, I believe we can shape a vision – a world-class vision – of how to change the world.


Paul Gahir
Chair, Grow Movement

29th September 2017

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