We have employed a new Operations Director, Hendricah Rita

We have employed a new Operations Director, Hendricah Rita

We have employed a new Operations Director, Hendricah Rita

I am happy to announce that we have employed a new Operations Director, Hendricah Rita, who is responsible for delivering our operations and partnerships in Uganda. Hendricah has been with Grow Movement since 2015 and previously worked as a Client Manager for Uganda600. She has worked with entrepreneurs for most of her career and has a drive to help them achieve greater success.
Welcome to the team, Hendricah!  

The data analysis of the Uganda600 Randomised Control Trial (RCT) is ongoing with London Business School, Booth School of Business Chicago and Stanford evaluating the impact of virtual consultancy.

We are very pleased to report that initial indications from the data collected so far suggest a significant impact on the behaviour of the 500 entrepreneurs who received remote volunteer consulting versus the 500 who did not (the control group). The research team will conduct another round of surveys in June 2017 and we are expecting full results from the RCT later this year.

This was made possible by the many dedicated VCs that took part in Uganda600 – thank you!

What’s next?
We have bold goals for how we can help entrepreneurs in the future. The publication and verification of Uganda600 results will enable us to expand our model of virtual consultancy to more countries and entrepreneurs around the world.

Our partners, Genesis, are still matching any funds we raise in March, so please help us to help more entrepreneurs by donating to Grow Movement.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Grow Movement and of our entrepreneurs, we simply couldn’t do it without you!

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