Your best #BizAdviceIn5Words

Your best #BizAdviceIn5Words

Your best #BizAdviceIn5Words

At the heart of Grow Movement our goal is to share business knowledge which can be used to help others. Today, we’re launching our #BizAdviceIn5Words campaign to do just that.

#BizAdviceIn5Words began with two simple ideas: to get people to think creatively about the best business advice they can give, and see how easy (and cheap) it can be to share and gain this new knowledge.

Since we began our journey seven years ago, we’ve been lucky enough to work with 600 of the most talented, tenacious and resourceful business people on the planet. Young upstarts who want to pave the way for clean energy in Africa, working Mums with a love of dressmaking, farmers driven to feed their communities, all in the face of some of the world’s toughest living conditions.

And thanks to our global network of volunteer consultants, we’ve helped our entrepreneurs in Rwanda, Uganda and Malawi to grow their businesses and lift others in their community out of poverty by creating 1,000 new jobs.

By 2020 we want to go even further, with 10,000 more entrepreneurs through our program and £5m to expand our reach across Africa.

But we need your help. The good news? It’s easy.

Get on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and share a photo of you with your best business advice using our hashtag #BizAdviceIn5Words. Tag a friend to do the same and don’t forget to include a hyperlink to Grow Movement’s website!

If you’re interested in putting your words into practice get in touch with our team about becoming a volunteer consultant, our applications open on Monday 15th February 2016! Have a look at our fundraising page too for more information on how to donate.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

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