100 clients, a birthday party and meeting the Malawi High commissioner

The GROW London team were welcomed to Malawi House by His Excellency Bernard Sande, the Malawi High Commissioner to the UK to celebrate 2 years of work in Malawi.

GROW volunteers heard about the Malawian Government’s ‘Malawian Development Strategy’ and their focus on ‘Sustainable Economic Development’. GROW was honoured and recognised for its importance in helping to drive the performance of Malawian entrepreneurs. His Excellency thanked all GROW volunteers and urged them to continue even through the challenges of communication and network problems.

The evening represented a milestone achievement with the 100th client having completed the programme. Meli Glenn, an Education consultant who worked with our 100th client, Rose, a nursery school entrepreneur in Lilongwe was presented with an award by His Excellency.

During 2015 GROW looks forwards to expanding its working with more entrepreneurs and growing the support from the Scottish volunteers.

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